Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.
— Aristotle

Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC is a psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker, and Canadian Certified Counsellor, and his services are covered by most benefit plans.  He provides counselling for the following issues:

Depression and Anxiety: Daniel applies Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help clients discover the relationships between their thoughts and their emotions.

Bipolar Disorder: Daniel applies Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy, helping clients to discover their moods’ rhythms, and to manage them through their relationships with others.

Addiction: Daniel applies Motivational Interviewing to help clients discover the role that addiction is playing in their lives, and helps them to develop new, positive coping strategies.

Grief: Daniel helps clients to process the feelings associated with death and other losses, and to find ways to integrate positively the memories of one’s past into one’s present life.

Anger: Daniel helps clients develop alternative ways of managing conflict, while learning skills to overcome and manage feelings of anger.

Couple and Family Counselling: Working from the premise that “the problem is the problem”, Daniel helps clients to solve their current conflicts collaboratively, and then to develop skills for managing future conflicts and the feelings that come with them.

Spiritual Counselling: Daniel helps clients to explore how their spiritual beliefs can serve as a resource for handling emotional distress. Himself Catholic, Daniel honours and works with clients of all religious traditions.

To arrange counselling or to find out more, please contact Daniel by phone, email, or using the following form:

Phone: 226-647-1592
Address: 10 Duke Street West, Suite 314, Kitchener, ON N2H 3W4