Counselling for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be incredibly frustrating as well as disruptive. Often if feels like a game of “whack-a-mole”, moving from one compulsive ritual or thought pattern to another.  To deal these behaviours and thoughts, we use a combination of two modalities: exposure and response prevention and cognitive behaviour therapy.

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) helps clients learn how to manage the behavioural symptoms of OCD by developing resistance to them through gradual exposure. Clients gradually train themselves to manage longer and longer periods without succumbing to disruptive rituals.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps manage the distressing and cyclical thoughts that come with OCD.  We don't try to simply replace those thoughts; that sort of bootstrapping doesn't work.  Rather, we test those thoughts against reality to develop less distressing, balanced thought patterns.

Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC, works with clients from those whose OCD is an uncomfortable part of their life, to those for whom it is so disruptive that it impairs their daily functioning.  He is a Registered Social Worker and a Canadian Certified Counsellor, so his services are covered by most benefit plans.

To make an appointment or to learn more about ERP, please contact Daniel by telephone, by email, or using the following form:

Phone: 226-647-1592
Address: 10 Duke Street West, Suite 314, Kitchener, ON N2H 3W4