Mediation helps to provide win-win solutions to conflicts, either in business, the workplace, or families.  Even in the most entrenched disputes, there is not simply a single pie over whose slices everyone is competing.  Rather, parties to a conflict simply have differing goals, and mediation helps the parties to collaborate to see that all of those goals are met in so far as possible, while compromising when they are not.

Fundamentally, solutions are best generated by those who are a part of a conflict themselves.  Mediation helps parties to a conflict to work together to generate those solutions, both resolving the current dispute, and ultimately improving their relationship and ability to work together for when future disputes might arise.

Daniel Bader, Ph.D., CCC, brings five years' experience in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution to his work.  He has chaired bargaining committees for labour disputes worth tens of millions of dollars, served as a union steward for thousands of workers, and has mediated extensively for the Community Justice Initiatives of Waterloo Region.  He is a Full Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, and holds a certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation from Conrad Grebel University College.

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