Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC, is a Full Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, and provides mediation, conflict coaching, and mediation therapy:

  • Mediation: Daniel provides mediation or co-mediation services, helping clients to resolve their disputes through creative, collaborative decision making. Whether the dispute is about a contract, within a family, or at a workplace, mediation provides an efficient, cost-effective way of resolving conflicts without escalating them.
  • Conflict Coaching: Daniel assists individuals and groups in managing conflicts, whether it be a current conflict, or whether the clients wish to develop general conflict-management skills. Daniel can provide specialized coaching to those living with mental illness, helping them to recognize and articulate their own interests, and to manage their symptoms in a stressful context.
  • Therapeutic Mediation: Daniel provides a specialized form of relationship therapy that uses a given conflict as a “hook” from which clients can both strengthen their relationship and develop new and positive ways of dealing with conflicts within that relationship.

In addition, Daniel provides specialized dispute resolution services where mental illness is a factor.

He is able to assist individuals, families, lawyers, counsellors, social workers, human resource professionals, and other mediators who could benefit from specialized expertise.

For a free consultation, contact Daniel by phone, email, or this form:

Phone: 226-647-1592
Email: daniel.bader@baderservices.com

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